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Shots Unsigned: Six incredible films
The Dance You Sell

Shots Unsigned: Ricky Allen

For the latest catch up with unsigned directing talent we speak with Ricky Allen. Here he talks us through his music video The Dance You Sell for the band L'objectif. We also discuss early shoots on his Canon 5DM3, his favourite family films, and the highs and lows of shooting the promo.

Doodledo announces £15k filmmaking bursary winner​

Director Ricky Allen and Producer Lindsay Fraser are the recipients of the bursary, after pitching what will be a hard-hitting short film, centered on issues surrounding debt and childhood poverty with the working title ‘The Wolf At The Door’​.

The Dance You Sell - Promonews

With excellent performances from the whole group - and a dynamic performance setup to tie it all together - the video has a charming quality that sticks with you after watching.

Thinking Again - Promonews

Allen takes a comedic, absurd concept and runs with it, creating something surprisingly stylish and engrossing.

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